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Specialists in K-9 bed bug detection at the smallest levels of infestation...

​Bed bugs are very difficult to find due to their ability to hide in the smallest and hardest to reach places.  How do you find them?  By using the latest technology – a highly trained and certified bed bug detection K-9!  Today's highly trained K-9's are used to find drugs and explosives...and now to find bed bugs.  Their sense of smell is many thousands of times that of a human. A pest control professional performing a bed bug inspection has its limitations but Forest City K-9's highly trained and skilled K-9 detects what humans can't bed bugs and even their viable eggs.

Why take your home or business apart in order to search for live bed bugs or their viable eggs?  By using our K-9 / handler team, you won't have to.  No taking apart furniture, beds, dressers, closets...our K-9 inspects them all without intrusion.  

If you have the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug need a need the professional K-9 / handler team at Forest City K-9.  Please don't wait.  Waiting could turn a small infestation into a large, costly one.  Contact us today to schedule a K-9 bed bug inspection.

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​Let us help you turn bed bugs into dead bugs!

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