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Forest City K-9

Based in Cleveland Ohio, Forest City K-9 provides independent bed bug inspection services in Cleveland and surrounding areas by our dual certified bed bug detection team including Angus, our dual certified bed bug detection Black Labrador.  Based on a study performed by the University of Florida, a certified bed bug detection dog has a 97% likelihood of finding the infestation and is capable of searching a room in a couple of minutes, while even a well trained pest control specialist only has roughly a 30% chance of finding a bed bug infestation and their search of the very same room.  Forest City K-9 can save you time and money while helping you through your bed bug issue.

IBBMA Accredited

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Forest City K-9​   

​ K-9 Detection and Inspection Service

Currently K-9 Angus  is searching for and detecting bedbugs in Cleveland, throughout Ohio and Indiana on a daily bas1s. He is busy detecting bed bugs in hotels, motels, homes, offices, and anywhere else bed bugs can infest. 

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Meet Angus, Forest City K-9's bed bug detection specialist

NESDCA Accredited

​Forest City K-9 has a dual certified bed bug scent detection team featuring K-9 Angus. Angus is a rescue, originally from Des Moines, Iowa.  After numerous homes, he came to us from Columbus, Ohio.  Angus was trained in house by Mike Krugman, owner of Forest City K-9, who has been training dogs for obedience and scent detection for many years. 

K-9 Angus is trained to detect the presence of live bed bugs and their viable eggs, while ignoring dead bed bugs, fecal matter and cast off skins.  K-9 Angus is capable of detecting one live bed bug or egg and actually has done just that.  He will continue to train for the duration of his working life in order to stay sharp.

​Bed Bug Detection Team